01 November 2011

Restrategizing at El Coyote

My tenant candidate, a young guy from NYC has been turned down by the building for my extra room.  I am now petrrified. The girl who I'd met and liked appears to be going downstairs to her own unit. I can pay the rent solo again, but that wipes me out at the same time.
Brian came over to take me for another Birthday dinner at El Coyote and the food was delicious. Brian is going to be 'babysitting' me again tomorrow to help me tackle so much of what I need to do. First, we are going to the Hollywood History Museum as Brian hasn't seen the Jean Harlow exhibit, and there is a Lucille Ball exhibit going on now also.
I feel like alot is working in my favor. But, right now, even with my the inherent knowledge that a greater force is looking out for me, and that I am so very blessed; the tears roll down my face. I feel so very alone.

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