20 September 2011

Champagne Taste: Beer Barrel Budget

Saturday morning, with all that is going on around me, I did take time for breakfast at the Village Coffee Shop, which is tucked inside the 'gates' of Hollywoodland.  It's an inexpensive oasis up Beachwood Drive. My delightful waitress came over in just a  few minutes. "What can I get you?"
"A job", I replied, grimacing as I remembered this was the line Joan Crawford says to Eve Arden in MILDRED PIERCE.
Cheery waitress: "You can have mine." We continued this patter and I squeezed my order for crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, grits and white toast.
Then, I begin chanelling Greer Garson or Loretta Young with this "No matter how bleak my life may be...I've found that there others who..." 
BLEAK? I look at my Ralph Lauren shirt, my Brooks penny loafers, and want to kick myself.  Breakfast was about 10 bucks. And delicious.

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